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    12 Dec 2022
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    Panel recommends strategic planning review

    The Local Planning Panel has recommended that Central Coast Council review planning provisions for the Peninsula.

    The Peninsula Residents' Association has written to the council supporting the recommendation.

    The Panel recommended "Central Coast Council consider conducting a strategic planning review of the planning controls, development provisions and character statements for Umina, Woy Woy and Ettalong."

    It stated the review should "ensure there is consistency between the relevant controls, provisions and character statements applicable to each locality, and a clear direction and expectation on the desired future character of these suburbs".

    The recommendation was made as part of its decision to refuse two applications for multiple dwelling developments at 16 and 34 Warrah St, Ettalong.

    In supporting the recommendation, the residents' association congratulated council planning staff on their planning assessments of the applications.

    "We would like to thank council staff for their thoroughness and clarity in applying the planning provisions, a standard we would like to see applied across all Peninsula development applications in future - particularly those for multi-dwellings, flats and dual occupancies," said association secretary Ms Jen Wilder.

    "The Peninsula Residents Association supports the Local Planning Panel recommendation for a strategic planning review of planning provisions for the Peninsula and ensuring commitment to the rule of law, therefore enabling a meaningful discussion about the strategic direction for the Peninsula."

    Ms Wilder said the association had been advised that Council planning director Dr Alice Howe had referred the letter to the council's strategic planning unit "for review and consideration."

    Ms Wilder said the association called for the strategic planning review to be characterised by a high level of neighbourhood and social planning district engagement with the community as a community, not simply as individuals.

    "We request that the review should be in the context of a sensible housing strategy - currently still a draft - which pays regard to employment and local retail-service availability for the Peninsula as well as an assessment of the Peninsula's ability to accommodate residents, regional visitors and tourists more generally," she said.

    "While pleased with the assessment of Warrah St, the Peninsula Residents Association hopes more regard can be given to reducing 'heat island effect' as a pressing climate change issue within planning provisions."

    Ms Wilder said Dr Howe had also responded last week to an earlier letter about the association's "heat island" concerns.

    Dr Howe said a review would take place within the next five years.

    She wrote: "Council recognises the need for improved planning controls around mitigating urban heat island effect and the importance that trees and other vegetation play in doing this."

    She said the council's Greener Places Strategy required a review and update to Council's planning controls to include consideration of urban heat island effect for all future subdivision and medium and high-density development.

    "This work is scheduled to occur as part of council's District Place Planning Program, which is a series of place-based plans to be rolled out across the Central Coast over the next five years."

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